Kreative Crafts

Kreative crafts is a selection of genuine and original collections of crafts exclusively made in Nepal by local artisans. As with our rugs, each of them are customizable for you to get unique pieces that fit your interior and tastes.

Premium Singing Bowls

The beautiful sound created by a Singing Bowl is an invitation for relaxation almost impossible to decline. Hand made in Kathmandu by local artisans, all our premium singing bowls are made of the perfect ratio of coper and tin which gives them their resistance and unique sleek look.

If you are looking for a truly personalized gift and would like to customize your singing bowl with a special message, simply get in touch with us and our artisans will make it happen.

Thangka Paintings

Traditional buddhist paintings, thankas are true pieces of art that brings a feeling of peace in any room they are in.


Made from the undercoat of domestic goats from the himalayan region, our pashminas are super soft and light making them the perfect accesorries for cool evenings. Woven and dyed on demand, your favorite color can easily be reproduced and we can also create specific designs.