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  • How long will I have to wait to receive my Kreative Rugs carpet?

    On an average, a room-sized Kreativerugs custom rug takes anywhere between 3 to 4 months to be ready to be shipped. The exact amount of time required depends amongst other factors upon the knot density, the complexity of the design and the length of the rug. Specific delivery times will be confirmed to you prior you place your order and are guaranteed. 

  • What knot density does Kreativerugs use for its carpets?

    The typical knot density for a Tibetan Rug generally varies between 60 to 150 knots per square inch. However, some rugs may require a higher knot density, up to 200, for the intricacy of their designs to be accurately rendered. Our designers will advise you what knot density is the most appropriate depending on the design you have chosen.

  • Wool or silk carpet, which one should I go for?

    Silk rugs are shinier and softer but, for pure aesthetic purpose, wool or a mix of wool and silk might be rmore appropriate. Our designers will advise you the best option depending on the design you have chosen.

  • I have pets at home, is a Kreativerugs carpet suitable?

    Our rugs are extremely resistant and easily washable with water. So, no problem at all with dogs, all the contrary. Check this video to have a look on how we deeply wash your rug before shipping it to you.

  • Why is it recommended to create a strike off before ordering my rug? And how much will I be charged for it?

    The colors you see on your screen and the actual colors of the your futur rug may very slightly vary, especially when silk is used as it is very shiny (with colors changing depending on the lighting and the angle of view). For those reasons it is preferable to create a strike off to make sure the colors of your future rugs are exactly how you pictured them. The price of a regular strike off of about 35x35cm varies from 150 usd for a basic plain wool design up to 400 USD for an intricate full silk one. If you decide to order the rug and return us the sample, the full strike off price will be deducted from your final price.

  • What is the maximum/minimum size I can order?

    As all our rugs are woven by hand, a minimum size is necessary for us to reproduce accurately the desired design and avoid any distortion. The maximum size depends on the size of our looms. The biggest we have at he moment can accommodate rugs up to 9x7m. A bigger loom can be created on demand.