About Us

The Kreativerugs concept

At Kreativerugs, tradition and innovation merge. Kreativerugs carpet design studio was conceptualized to dispel the dilemma faced by designers, homemakers, and customers who are forced to compromise when purchasing a carpet for themselves or their clients’ unique spaces. Unlike conventional stores where one has limited options to choose from, with Kreativerugs, the sky is the limit and you can get the exact carpet you have envisioned for your, or your clients' space. 

But to us, getting the perfect rug is much more than that and we believe the true beauty of a rug is only revealed when it perfectly fits in its intended space. For that reason and based on our clients' feedback, we have now added an interior designer to our Kreative team with whom you can discuss any specific aspect of your project. 

Our Commitments

Deliver the best or nothing.

To ensure our carpets are of the highest quality, only the best raw materials are used and our rugs undergo numerous quality control checks during the various stages of production.

Highly skilled artisans.

Our artisans have years of experience in their field and absolutely master their art. Their expertise is invaluable and you can be assured that all their attention will be given to the making of your rug.

Respect to the environment.

High ethics and environmental consciousness are rooted in the company’s values. Fully natural dyes are available on request and we make every effort we can to always treat our planet the best we can.

A rug making process we are proud of.

In respect to the tradition, all our carpets are woven adopting the same ancient technique – by hand in a traditional loom. Absolutely no machinery is used during the entire process which require not les than 25 skilled artisan to be completed. Click here to discover in details how a Kreativerugs carpet is made.

The story of Kreativerugs is a story of lives intertwining in this vast globe. A Vietnamese, a Nepalese and a French - a shared passion, and in 2017 - Kreativerugs.

Our Team

Our artisans
Our artisans The core of Kreativerugs

The making of our rugs heavily depends on the talent of our artisans, who, for most of them, have decades of experience. All masters of their respective skills, they put their dedication and hard work to make sure your carpet is as awesome as it should be. Nothing would be possible without them and we are very grateful to have them on board.


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Julien Managing Director

Bonjour, I am Julien, captain of the ship at Kreativerugs. Arrived in Kathmandu in 2017 to work as an airline pilot, I instantly had a good feeling about the place. Nature and animals lover, but also passionate about art, I knew I wanted to do something with the Tibetan rugs the minute I saw them. Greatly influenced by the haute couture, Kreativerugs was born with the ambition of bringing something new to the rug industry and offering you a no-hassle solution when it comes to finding a new rug. Whether you need our interior designer's advice to help you get the best out of your space or need a very fine rug designer to reproduce the intricate designs you have in mind, you can rely on our team to give you the best experience possible. 
Take care,



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Chi Interior Designer

Xin chao, I am chi, an interior designer from Saigon. For the last 5 years, I have been working on various projects including the realization of cafes, spas, and private apartments in Vietnam and France. Travel addict and passionate about photography, I always have my camera ready to click ideas for my future projects and surprise my clients with unique touches. More than spaces, I like to create atmospheres that reflect my clients' vision and personality where they can feel good and unwind.  If you need any advice or have any questions, simply drop me an email and we'll work together on getting you a truly unique, made-for-you rug that fits perfectly in your interior.


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Sonam Design and Production

Namaste, I'm Sonam.  Born in Kathmandu, I come from a family that has been designing and creating carpets for the last 5 decades. My father was actually one of the pioneers that brought the Tibetan rugs making art to  Nepal in the '60s and the least I can say is that I grew up amongst carpets. In my 20's, I then moved to the US where I learned and became passionate about design. Since then I haven't stopped designing which has become more and more exciting especially with the new tools available that let us create almost anything. Hard to say where I get my inspiration from as I love experiencing but one common thing to all my designs is that I always like to incorporate a few tricks to make them singular and perfectly imperfect. Just drop me an email or pass by if you would like to talk rug or perfect imperfection, you are always welcome.



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Ujen Rug Designer

Namaskaar, Hello, I am Ujen. Originally from India but living in Nepal since 2016, it’s been a great journey of experiencing lot of new things in this beautiful land of Himalayas. The purpose of Kreative Rugs and the passion Julien has for the rugs compelled me to come aboard as a designer. I will be creating the designs you like to see on your rugs using the sophisticated designing softwares. Let’s work together to bring your desired designs to life. 



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Karen Designer / Representative France

Salut, Je suis Karen. Fan de dessin depuis très jeune, ce n’est qu’en 2015 lors de ma grossesse que je découvre et me passionne pour le dessin numérique. Spécialisée depuis dans les portraits, j’aime jouer de différents outils pour leur donner une dimension abstraite et insister sur les émotions. Le coté innovateur de Kreativerugs, toujours à la recherche de nouveaux concepts, m’a beaucoup plu et c’est donc tout naturellement que j’ai accepté de rejoindre leur team. Je suis maintenant à la fois designer mais aussi commerciale pour le secteur France donc n’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous souhaitez quelques infos. A très bientôt.


Karen Gallego

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Love for our furry friends 

At Kreativerugs, we are a bunch of animal lovers and helping our furry friends is always in our minds. It is our pleasure to bring our small contribution to a great cause by donating a part of our benefits to the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Center (KAT Center) in Kathmandu. If you also love animals, please take a few minutes of your time to visit their website (http://www.katcentre.org.np). They really do an amazing job and need support to give the street dogs and other animals of Kathmandu the care they deserve.