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Namaste and welcome to Kreative Rugs! Located at the footsteps of the Himalayas in the heart of Kathmandu, our studio designs and creates unique Tibetan rugs based on your unique tastes and interior style. You may start by browsing our latest designs or proceed directly to the design your rug section if you have already a design/idea in mind you would like us to work on.

The Essense of Kreative Rugs

Traditionally Hand-Knotted

Traditionally Hand-Knotted

Adopting an ancient technique of production via an art passed down by generations of Tibetan weavers, all our rugs are hand-knotted using a traditional loom in Kathmandu - the modern day home of the Tibetan carpets.

High Quality Raw Materials

High Quality Raw Materials

Ethically sourced from traditional Tibetan shepherds in the Himalayan highlands, the wool and silk we use to make our rugs are 100% organic and natural. - -

Respect of the environment

Respect of the environment

We are a proud brand - Our raw materials are ethically sourced, our production has zero carbon footprint and we, in no way detriment the environment we live in.

What our customer think of us

  • The Spencer Family - USA

    "Kreativerugs designers are an absolute pleasure to work with. They really took the time needed to understand our project and the rug they created for us turned out great. Highly recommended if you are like us looking for a very specific custom made design."

  • Mike Richards / Dj Mehow - United Kingdom

    "Absolutely loved the logo rug I received and would highly recommend getting one your self"

  • Guillaume Semon, CEO Phenomen - France

    "Had to wait a bit more than expected because of the covid situation but our logo rug has finally arrived from Nepal. It really adds a nice touch to our office and we absolutely love it. Thanks Kreativerugs"

  • EKta - India

    Really happy with my new Sangha bowl. Love the ancient look and it sounds amazing.